My personal experience with Hero Worship

I learned about Hero Worship at a very young age:
The Detroit Lions that I Have seen and admired my many years of TV, was doing a Holiday charity basketball game in then town of Houghton Lake Michigan in which I lived. I was so excited to see these guys that millions of people cheered and looked up to. After the most excited game, I was picked to go into the locker room and get an autograph. What a present I just got! This is by far one of the most thrilling things that ever has happened to me. As I was escorted in, my body shaking from excitement. All i can do is look down at my legs that are shaking that i will see and meet what so many will never, ever do. They will be so envious of me. And I pause with excited extacy and look up with sheer pride... a very wet man, dripping wet, naked, in front of me, in flip flops and naked in front of me, in flip flops and.... in that moment of time and space and perpetual bliss, without being told by any kid, adult or God himself... I have learned that in fact...there is no such thing as a hero and santa claus.
Bob "I seen Tiny people" err i mean "BadDawg" Dilts

p.s. I also learned that that is no such thing as a "stereotype" either..and I will leave it at that

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Bob "Bull Patty king" of Michigan

Bob "Bull Patty king" of Michigan
according to duck dynasty fans, everyone important needs a title

What Tv has taught me

What Tv has taught me
this post in no way reflects the opinions and views of the hurtz donut company, fine makers of apples, oranges and meme buns