Ben Affleck will play Batman, N'Sync reunite for MTV Video Music Awards and Bon Jovi fires Richie Sambora

who will play robin?
Top News for week 8/23/2013:
     Ben Affleck has been cast for the part of "batman" for the upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel. Mr. Affleck is recovering from disaster movies of "Gigli" and "DareDevil" and certain to be an interesting choice as the cape crusader. Twitter users responded quickly with a hashtag #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck.. Sorry to say, Mr Affleck was beaten out by the likes of "the guy under the underpass" and "Manti Te'o's girlfriend". The real question now is, "Who will play "Robin"? Our sources say it will most likely be Jason Bourne, because he is always in Affleck's movies.

Our sources say, Jason Bourne will play Robin     The group formally known as 'N Sync will reunite at this Sunday MTV Video Music Awards. Justin Timberlake will accept this year's Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and will be joined onstage Aug. 25 at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center with former members JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick. Our source says that Marky Mark will not be rejoining the group because they refused to "stand tuff".

     Ritchie Sambora the famed guitarist of the rock group "Bon Jovi" has been fired from the group. His demands for over 2 million a month is reported as being the reason for the break-up. Sambora’s replacement will be Canadian Philip Xenidis, also known as Phil X, who filled in for Sambora several times. Our sources say that its all because Mr. Sambora is no longer with Heather Locklear. It was a shot in the heart, and he gives love a bad name.

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Bob "Bull Patty king" of Michigan

Bob "Bull Patty king" of Michigan
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What Tv has taught me

What Tv has taught me
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