Bad Characters Who Really Aren't So Bad

Villians that are not as bad as you think

Have You ever watched a movie with a villain that you couldn't help but to just like the character. Most of the time the character is just so awesome at being bad that despite the actions of the character and plot of the movie you still really want to like the bad guy? It's sort of like Stockholm syndrome if you think about it. This villain has captured you for an hour and half to two hours and by the end of that time you find yourself symbolically or actually in love with them.

Well, that's only slightly related to something I realized about various villain characters from some of the movies I have seen. There is an act made by a villain coined as "Kick the dog" ( This act is something so terrible and mean that tells the audience that a character is a really bad guy. I have found a few characters that, if you take out the kick the dog moments or at least explore the reasons behind their actions they are not really as bad as the movies they are in want us to believe.

Now, most of the villain characters I analyzed for the article are still bad, but they actually lean more towards the line between good and bad guys/gals than towards the bad. The main point is that they do bad things but some of the things are almost excusable in their respective movie's settings.

I have chosen 4 characters in total to analyze for the sake of proving that they really are not as bad as the movies lead us to believe. Cal Hockley (Titanic 1997), Magneto (Marvel Comics), Captain Hook (Peter Pan 1953), and Honerable Mention: Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty 1959).

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Bob "Bull Patty king" of Michigan

Bob "Bull Patty king" of Michigan
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What Tv has taught me

What Tv has taught me
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